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Mighty You is an employee goals and feedback management software company founded by Gene Pease along with a team of world-class data scientists and engineers. Mr. Pease is a pioneer in the field of people analytics and performance having sold his most recent workforce analytics company, Vestrics, to Ultimate Software in 2016.

Mr. Pease is also the author or co-author of three books on Human Capital Management (HCM) topics: Human Capital AnalyticsDeveloping Human Capital, and Optimizing Your Greatest Asset -- Your People

Unlike legacy big-brand performance management systems and other goals and feedback solutions, Mighty You integrates goals and feedback in One Conversation™ to focus on objective goal attainment rather than subjective perceptions of worker comportment, character, or conformity.

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Why Consider Mighty You

If you are on our website, it's probably because you've already come to the conclusion that traditional performance management systems, like the ones offered by the big integrated talent management brands, are rotten to the core. Good. We created Mighty You because we agree with you.

But we're not the only company that has built a good alternative to traditional performance management systems. In fact, there are more than a couple of companies who have good solutions that we recommend. As we said, we're not for everyone. And we don't want you to work with us just because you found us first. We want you to work with us because we're the right solution for you based on your deeply held beliefs about how performance management should work.

So, we've published a list below of the top companies in the "employee goals and feedback" or "continuous performance" category. We know, right?

Here is the big difference between us and all the great companies below. We believe there should be only one performance conversation going on at work, and that conversation about the work. Mighty You is built from the ground up based on this simple principle of One Conversation™. The solutions below separate goal management from performance feedback, with the unintended consequence of steering the feedback part towards subjective people issues and away from objective guidance on goal attainment. We believe it should be a manager's role to assess the work, not the worker.

You'll also notice that many of the companies below have expanded their solutions well beyond goals and feedback, offering components like engagement measurement and employee recognition. We think this is a mistake because it distorts the performance picture. Using the same system to measure the engagement and hand out the recognition that you use to manage performance based on goal attainment can have the unintended impact of softening performance feedback. We think performance management should be about the work, exclusively.

We're not the only solution in this relatively new category that is challenging the legacy big-brand performance management systems (here is a list of other great companies in the category). And we're definitely not the right choice for everyone. But if you think performance management should be more about the work and less about popularity contests, we are probably right for you.


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