Cable, COVID-19 and Performance Management

I hope you had a great (if different), safe, and restful Thanksgiving holiday!

Over the long weekend, I took the time to reflect on the notion of performance management during the pandemic era and how the more things change, the more they stay the same.

It has always been a challenge to keep people aligned, productive, and engaged. The pandemic has been a once-in-a-hundred years event that, on the surface, seems to have broken a lot of systems and processes (like employee performance management). But if you really think about it, COVID-19 has presented us with many opportunities to fix things that have actually been broken for a very long time.

Over the past several months, I’ve frequently looked around my home (which I’ve been spending a lot of time in!) and noticed things that have needed repair for years. Like a lot of people during the pandemic, I made a list of things to fix and declutter and attacked one task after another. More times than not, I discovered that things didn’t need a simple repair or adjustment; they needed to be replaced with something entirely new and different.

Take my cable for instance. I’ve never been happy with the service I use. My reception breaks up during storms, I have 10 million channels and only watch three, and every month when I pay the bill I get a little bit angry. Why am I paying so much for something so bad? And don’t try calling customer service! Every time they “fix” something with my cable, it just ends up costing me more money and creating more frustration.

So last week, I decided to fix the cable problem by going in a completely different direction. I canceled by cable, upgraded my Internet service, and switched to a streaming provider. My bill went down, I got exactly the channels I wanted and I enjoyed the additional benefit of throwing away 17lbs of hardware and wires. Yes. I weighed them.

I heard someone say over the weekend that the pandemic has delivered 10 years of change in less than a year. Surprisingly, she was talking about positive change in the form of innovation. Trends that have been growing for a long time have suddenly come to full blossom overnight. 

So back to performance management. Employee performance management has been broken for a long time. The pandemic seems to have made it worse. But isn’t there an opportunity here? What I am suggesting is that your existing performance management system or process doesn’t need to be fixed or adapted to the special challenges of COVID. You need to throw it out, go in a different direction, and put something in place that’s built for both the now and the future of work.

The days of annual performance appraisals, cumbersome review processes, and dehumanizing scorecards are over. They have been for a long time; it has only become more obvious during the pandemic. We all know what drives good performance and fulfillment: specific goals that can change to meet the needs of the moment, alignment throughout the company, and frequent conversations between managers and their team (real conversations that focus on the work and result in meaningful feedback and pragmatic action).

Mighty You is a continuous performance management solution. Our simple solution is easy and fast to implement and replaces outdated performance management models with agile goal setting and closed-loop feedback. Our customers always know what people are working on, how they are doing against their goals, and what they need to be more successful. Implementing 

Mighty You is like going from cable to streaming. It’s one thing on your HR list that you can tick off with the confidence that you not only fixed a problem, but unlocked unexpected benefits that will make life better for your employees, managers, and executives.

I invite you to schedule a short meeting with me to talk about how Mighty You can help you keep people aligned, productive, and engaged during times like these and whatever the future may hold

Thank you for your time and I hope you have a wonderful December.

Gene Pease

Founder & CEO

Mighty You

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