Gene Pease Interview with Biz TV: Praise Feedback is Not Effective

Let’s face it, we like praise but not critical feedback. We’ve been trained to give a thumbs up, punch the like button, or give a great job. Praise makes you feel good for a brief period of time and you go about your day. In order for feedback to be effective, meaning it adds some value to your development, it needs to be:

· Actionable – Is the language general or specific?

· Bias – Is the language influenced by gender, race, tenure, or some other factor?

· Constructive sentiment – Is the language positive or negative?

Science has shown us that feedback that contains language that is specific, non-bias and positive greatly contributes to one's development. Praise is ok, but effective feedback is much more powerful.

Click below to see a one-minute video to learn more about this subject.


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