It’s Time to Simplify


I have to admit something -- I’m tired. I know I shouldn’t be complaining, I live in Southern California and can safely ride my bike (on the beach bike path) between Marina del Rey and Malibu, not too shabby. I have been working remotely here for several years so working remote is not new. We can walk to the beach for a picnic and most everyone is wearing a mask. I don’t have children at home to school. So, I shouldn’t be complaining.

But I’m tired, over zoomed, and scared about the future. It could be like this for a very long time. Thus, I’m simplifying, everything if possible, including my technology.

Do you feel the same? Are you thinking about how you can simplify your life? How about your work tools?

Prior to the pandemic, the HR vendor community built a plethora of solutions that solved lots of problems. Now, their solutions are kind of like Swiss army knives: complex and with a lot of moving parts. They started out with a few really clever knives, and over time their clients asked for more, so they added a corkscrew, multiple blades, nail clippers, and lots of other stuff. What started as an X-Acto knife solution has turned into a Swiss army knife. Do your current work tools feel like that, too complicated?

I’m going with the X-Acto knife test for all my next personal and company decisions.

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