Is Remote Work the New Normal?


This year in the US it took 99 days to get to the first 1 million cases of coronavirus, 43 days to get to 2 million cases and 28 days (July 10) to get to 3 million cases. We will easily hit 4 million cases this year, and until there is a widely distributed vaccine, 2021 will likely exceed that astonishing number, by a lot; and most likely 2021 won’t be much better.

We have learned in the last six months that we are not in control of many things we previously took for granted. In addition to the significant personal effects, work suddenly went from centralized to distributed. We are in a temporary “twilight zone”, figuring it out as we go. No one can predict how long this will continue, nor what the future looks like.

We do know that future disruption is ahead with a second or third wave of the virus. Will there be distribution challenges slowing a vaccine so widely distributed? How long will it take the economy to recover back to the low employment we had? Will we ever get back to normal?

What if we never go back to where we’ve been, and uncertainty and change becomes a new normal? We have had to adapt to new methods and processes in getting work done during this period. Should today’s decisions prepare for this scenario that this may become the new normal?

Don’t give up, you can help mitigate this uncertainty by understanding that people right now require clarity in the mission and their work; timely, consistent, and constructive feedback; agile goal management and simple work tools.

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