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Performance management in some shape or form has been around for over 100 years. In the 1950’s MBO (management by objectives) was widely used; the 1980’s ushered in forced rankings; the 2000’s performance appraisals became popular and annual reviews were standard procedure; and the 2020’s demand agility and continuous performance management.

Continuous performance management processes take place throughout the year on an ongoing basis. It is a continual holistic process, as opposed to those based on traditional annual appraisals.

The early continuous management solutions focused on goals, feedback, praise and reviews. As the industry grew and clients requested more features, the leading vendors have added 1:1s, engagement surveys, pulse surveys, company benchmarks, sentiment analysis, calibration and analytics (although not very good). What started as an “X-Acto knife” solution for continuous performance management has turned into a “Swiss army knife.” Confusion reigns.

In this uncertain environment people require clarity in the mission and their work; timely, consistent and constructive feedback; agile goal management and simple work tools. Do your current work tools pass the “X-Acto knife” test?

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