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Mighty You

The best Performance Management Software that helps managers and employees deliver on their objectives and perform at their peak. 

If you are an HR executive that needs to align teams around your company objectives while optimizing individual employee performance, Mighty You is the user-friendly solution for you!
Mighty You is part of a growing category of next-generation performance management solutions. Products like Mighty You are often referred to as "employee goals and feedback" software or "continuous performance management" solutions.
We're not the only solution in this relatively new category that is challenging the legacy big-brand performance management systems. And we're definitely not the right choice for everyone. But if you think performance management should be more about the work and less about popularity contests, we are probably right for you.

If your business is ready for a performance management solution that manages performance instead of measuring charisma and popularity, consider Mighty You.


Rise up against the tyranny of big-brand Performance management systems. 



Mighty You

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