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A well-defined performance management method built on consistent constructive feedback that helps companies develop and retain world-class employee talent. Together with goal setting, frequent feedback lets employees know they are valued, which increases their commitment and overall performance.

Continuous Employee Performance management is a more extensive and thorough process compared to the traditional end of year appraisal approach, which tends to focus on negative feedback. When employees only hear that they've "failed," they become frustrated and often lose their enthusiasm for the work.

Employees are the key to your company's success. When managers and employees communicate regularly and honestly, employees gain clarity on management's goals and expectations resulting in better retention rates and employee engagement.


Employee Goals and Feedback Software

If you are an HR executive in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or throughout California that needs to align teams around your company objectives while optimizing individual employee performance, Mighty You is the solution for you!
Mighty You is part of a growing category of next-generation performance management solutions. Products like Mighty You are often referred to as "employee goals and feedback" software or "continuous performance management" solutions exemplified by companies like Reflektive, Lattice, and Betterworks. Unlike legacy big brand performance management software, Mighty You integrates goal management and feedback in a single conversation embedded in the everyday flow of work. 
The result is a steady pulse of feedback and guidance based on objective progress towards goals rather than the typical periodic dump of subjective performance appraisals.
Mighty You offers the following major features and benefits:
Mighty You - Performance Management Software designed around the unique roles that make your company successful to help achieve better goal alignment, increase employee engagement, and gain tangible insights into your workforce.
Goal Management
Create goals from scratch or based on smart templates and then manage and monitor them across individuals, teams or the whole company.
Integrated Goal Feedback
Deliver goal-specific feedback without leaving your email (and without leaving the goals area).
Achievement Analytics
Gain predictive insights into goal attainment based on multiple factors such as pace of completion, related goals, and historic achievement.
Feedback Coaching
Mighty You analyzes feedback on the fly to identify negative sentiment and suggest constructive alternative approaches and wording.
If your business is ready for a performance management solution that manages performance instead of measuring charisma and popularity, consider Mighty You.

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